Cleaning-In-Place Systems:

Aroko Bioengineering Co. Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) systems are designed for automatic cleaning ensuring minimal use of water and time. CIP system has many benefits to end user, some of them to mention are:

> Fully Automated

>Cost benefit

> Low water consumption

> 21 CFR part 11 compliance

> User friendly

> Easy to validated the cleaning process

Aroko Bioengineering Co. designed CIP systems offer the add-on advantage, such as:

> Space conserving design

> Flexible range

>Varying configurations

> Minimal maintenance

> Vessel construction in SS 316L

>Requisite instrumentation to accord safety

>PLC control system with HMI or SCADA

Sterilization-In-Place Systems:

SIP systems are offered for mobile. Mobile vessels normally do not have complete in-situ sterilization facility, unlike fixed equipment that comes integrated with sterilization capability. Sterilization needs to be done for all control valves into the system, therefore; by connecting the mobile vessels to the system, complete sterilization including vacuum break can be achieved. Further, the system comes with all the data related to sterilization, which is essential for records and quality assurance.

Aroko Bioengineering Co. Sterilization–in–Place systems offer the following advantages:

>Skid mounted

>Corrosion resistant body and trim

>Self-draining design

>Material of construction SS 316L

>Sanitary process connections

>F0 Calculation

Aroko Bioengineering Co. also manufactures integrated docking station for CIP and SIP functions.