Aroko Bioengineering Co. manufactures stainless steel pilot scale to production scale Bioreactors which are customized as per the process needs suitable for cultivation of animal cell culture

Our bioreactors utilize robust, industry-standard components of reputed makes for easy integration into any production facility. The characteristics of these bioreactors are mentioned as below:

> Adjustable aeration

>Constant agitation (Tip Speed adjustment)

> pH controlling

> sophisticated Automation

> User Friendly Batch production

> Appropriate Media Mixing

> Magnetic/mechanical seal Agitator

> Pressure controlling

> 21 CFR Part 11 compliance software

> H : D ratio adjustment ( based on customer needs)

Our designs come with the following advantages:

> Minimum space requirement

> Optimized design

> Range: 5 – 10000 liters (Customizable to user requirements)

> Gas mixing possibility

> Flexibility in configuration to meet the budgets

> Design conforms to ASME BPE and GAMP 5 guidelines

> Pharmaceutical compliance for Material of construction

> Ultimate productivity

> Fast/Easy scaling up & down:

Parts in contact with the media & product: SS 316 L

Internal surface Ra <= 0.38, Electro polished

> Single / double mechanical seal

> Designed for easy access during operation and routine maintenance

> Configurable control loops

> Safety features to protect the batch in case of any component failure